to our beautiful adventure, a boutique photography company that puts authenticity over anything and loves hearing about your story through all of your chapters. 

I’ve often wondered how to describe my calling.. Perhaps it’s best explained with a feeling: the one that happens when you’re driving down the mountain & your stomach suddenly feels as if it’s inside your chest. That’s the feeling I get every single time I capture couples, nature, & togetherness.

When I’m standing in the ocean and the waves crash around me, I feel it yet again. All I can do is catch my breath, grab his hand, & hold tight. I am Katelyne & this is my beautiful adventure.

My daily adventures wouldn't be complete without the perfect cup of tea, my hiking boots, a camera in one hand and Matthew in the other.



Because waterfalls, mountains, ocean, blue, green, red and so much more Croatia is for sure on the list!  Live there, vacationing, or just planning something epic here holler at ya girl. 


The Blue Lagoon, the Northern Lights, waterfalls and overcast skies.  These are the things I daydream about when I find myself falling out of self healing. 


Who doesn't want to wake up and go to sleep to the sound of the water splashing and fish swimming beneath your feet. 

Bora Bora

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